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Have you ever seen American Ninja Warrior and thought, “I could totally do that,”? Well, now is your chance. We will be hosting Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association (UNAA) competitions, in-house competitions and much more. This will be your opportunity to show off your skills or test them to see where you would land at on the leaderboard. If competing for the leaderboard isn’t your thing then that’s okay as well. We encourage everyone to try out competing for the fun of it!


Permian Basin Ninja Academy is a host gym for UNAA competitions. Come out and try your skills at a Ninja Warrior course and see if you have what it takes.


UNAA (Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association) Season 9

New or Adjusted Rules are in Bold.

This guide helps summarize UNAA rules and guidelines so that UNAA Gyms and members have an easier time knowing the key points to being in the UNAA!

Area Qualifiers will be held by all UNAA (Ultimate Ninja Athlete Association) qualified gyms at dates of their choosing based upon scheduling availability with UNAA. Each Area qualifier will advance the TOP 3 OR 50% of each class, whichever is Greater.

Regionals will advance the TOP 3 or TOP 20% from each class to World Finals. UNAA requires that all gyms who are accepted into the UNAA abide by our rules.

Participant Information

One big change for Season 9, is UNAA no longer has the $25 Membership fee. From now on, when you sign up for a Competition, the entry fee includes the membership/participant fee. So from your first comp going forward, it will track all your comps and points in Ninja Master for the Leaderboard and qualifying! We are looking forward to an incredible Season 9. And Now EVERYONE who competes has a chance to qualify!!

You must be 6 or older to compete in UNAA. Age is determined on how old they are on January 1, 2024 for ALL age groups. This is in coordination with Ninja USA, the NGB to meet the requirements of Olympic inclusion. 

All athletes for the 2023-2024 Season 9 shall compete in their appropriate class. Any athletes in the Age group classes may move up to the next age group if they so choose. Once they have moved up to that class, they MUST remain in that class for the duration of the year. Each course is age appropriate and if an athlete competes up – no accommodations will be made for height adjustments.

Athletes must CHOOSE ONE Class to compete in and will remain in that class for duration of the season. 13+ may compete in Amateur or Pro class if they so choose, but will HAVE to remain in the that class for duration of season.     

Competing in multiple classes in NOT allowed!

UNAA Regional Qualifier May 4th

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