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Ninja Levels


If you are new to Ninja, then this is the class for your child. Level 1 focuses on introducing your child to ninja and leading them through obstacles in a safe and effective way. Ages 6-13


Must pass Level 2 testing in order to be in this class. Our intermediate class will start your athletes on endurance, strength and agility. Ages 6-13


Must pass Level 3 testing in order to be in this class. Your athlete now has the fundamentals to take on new challenges. This class will work on conditioning, building their strength and endurance. This class will be the last class before they are able to level up to the competitive team. Ages 6-16


Must pass Level 4 testing and get Coach Kendra’s permission to be in this class. Level 4 class focuses on training obstacle courses the athletes will encounter at League competitions. This will test your athletes upper body and grip strength. ($200 per child, $25/month team fee)


Must pass Level 5 testing in order to be in this class. This will be the best of the best athletes in the Permian Basin. Whether a child or adult this class will focus on getting those ready for competitions like WNL Tier 1 and the Premier Series.

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